Origins of Sayings


Beyond being able to say that "barbecue" is a European word, no one really knows the true origins of the word. In attempting to spell a Taino Indian word for their method of cooking, the Spanish came up with "barbacoa". The French have a saying "barbe a queue" which means "whiskers to tail", and roast mutton in Romanian is translated as "barbec".

The art of BBQ cooking has many names around the world - most of them are, to a great extent, universally recognisable but some others are a bit more obscure such as "braai" (SA). The more common terms include: barbeque, Bar-B-Cue, Bar-B-Q, barbecue, barbi, barbique, Cue and Q.

Modern day BBQ is actually supposed to have originated in the American Deep South, back in the Plantation days, when Afro-American field workers had to work from ‘dawn to dawn and cook on the job’. BBQ was a simple means of having a hot meal ready at various times to suit the plantation shift patterns.

Another aspect of BBQ is the influence that it has had on modern day music. Gospel music evolved in the Plantation days as a means by which the workers could both entertain themselves and practice their intense religious beliefs. Gospel evolved into Blues, Blues then evolved into R&B, then Rock and the rest is as they say is history!

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