Origins of Sayings

Kitchen Party

Whether it is past or present, the Kitchen has always seemed to be the gathering place in most Newfoundland homes. The Kitchen Party has been enshrined as an iconic image of the Newfoundland lifestyle.

A very common type of party held in Newfoundland is the "Kitchen Party". This type of party is usually spontaneous and starts out with a few people just sitting around enjoying a few beverages. A typical custom in Newfoundland is the "drop by". By this I mean that people simply drop by other people's houses without any notice or invitation, just to see "what's on da go". As more and more people drop by, a "Kitchen Party" eventually develops. It is referred to as a Kitchen Party because the kitchen is the main room where the action takes place. A very common sight at the party is a group of men standing around the kitchen ( and close to the fridge ), shooting the breeze. The women tend to scatter throughout the other rooms in the house but by the end of the night, one and all are "squat" into the kitchen. Another common sight in the kitchen is a performer. There is always one person in the crowd who, after a few bottles of "courage" decides to liven the place up. If there's an instrument in the house--- then, there's live entertainment! It could be a guitar, piano, even a set of spoons, or an Ugly Stick!

There's no better way here in Newfoundland to get to know a crowd of strangers than through a good old fashion 'Kitchen Party'.

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