Origins of Sayings

Everyday we talk. Newfies, however, have turned talking into an art-form.

It has often been said that Newfoundlanders have a "colourful" language. This section traces back the origins of many commonly used, and some seldomly used, sayings that many of us everyday.

I hope you get as much enjoyment from reading these as I did putting them together. This section is both informative and fun (learning alert!!).




Number of Sayings in the Database: 41

Three Sheets to the Wind
Mind Your Pints and Quarts
Could Not Fathom
The Wind Taken Out of Your Sails
Pipe Down and Carry On
Cut of your Jib and Your True Colours
Swinging the Lead
Learn the Ropes
Going to the Loo or the Head
Little Nipper
Port and Starboard
Cockpit and Ships (not Airplanes)
Son of a Gun
Shake a Leg
Dressing the Ship
The Whole Nine Yards
Dogs and Ships
Cats and Ships
The Brass Monkey

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