Origins of Sayings

Everyday we talk. Newfies, however, have turned talking into an art-form.

It has often been said that Newfoundlanders have a "colourful" language. This section traces back the origins of many commonly used, and some seldomly used, sayings that many of us everyday.

I hope you get as much enjoyment from reading these as I did putting them together. This section is both informative and fun (learning alert!!).




Number of Sayings in the Database: 41

Tonnage and Tons
Old Christmas Day
Fathers' Day
Maid (Newfie)
B'y (Newfie)
Bone-house, graveyard shift, saved by the bell
Chew the fat
Pea porridge hot...
Dirt Poor and Thresholds
Raining cats and dogs
Don't throw the baby out
Here Comes the Bride
April Fools Day
Valentines Day
Kitchen Party
How Birthday Parties Started
Hole in the Doughnut

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