Goes Back, b'y   Temperature Chart for Canadians

Author: UpAlong

Finally, a temperature conversion chart we can all understand!!!

  • 70 above (+19 deg. Celsius): Texans turn on the heat and unpack the thermal underwear. People in Canada go swimming in the Lakes.
  • 60 above (+14 C): North Carolinians try to turn on the heat. People in Canada plant gardens.
  • 50 above (+9 C): Californians shiver uncontrollably. People in Canada sunbathe.
  • 40 above (+4 C): Italian and English cars won't start. People in Canada drive with the windows down.
  • 32 above (0 C): Distilled water freezes. Lake Superior's water gets thicker.
  • 20 above (-6 C): Floridians put on coats, thermal underwear, gloves and woolly hats. People in Canada throw on a flannel shirt.
  • 15 above (-8.5 C): Philadelphia landlords finally turn up the heat. People in Canada have the last cookout before it gets cold.
  • 0 degrees (-18 C): People in Miami all die. Canadians lick the flagpole.
  • 20 below (-26 C): Californians fly away to Mexico. People in Canada get out their winter coats.
  • 40 below (-36 C): Hollywood disintegrates. The Girl Guides in Canada re selling cookies door to door.
  • 60 below (-46 C): Polar bears begin to evacuate the Arctic. Canadian Boy Scouts postpone "Winter Survival" classes until it gets cold enough.
  • 80 below (-56 C): Mt. St. Helens freezes. People in Canada rent some videos.
  • 100 below (-66 C): Santa Claus abandons the North Pole. Canadians get frustrated because they can't thaw the keg.
  • 297 below (-164.5 C): Microbial life no longer survives on dairy products. Cows in Canada complain about farmers with cold hands.
  • 460 below (-246 C): ALL atomic motion stops (absolute zero in the Kelvin scale). People in Canada start saying, "Cold 'nuff for ya?"
  • 500 below (-266 C): Hell freezes over. The Toronto Maple Leafs win the Stanley Cup.


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