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Newfoundlanders love their humor, and Newfies are very well known as being a joyful breed of people.

Years ago, Mainlanders were all swept up in a funny craze that swept across Canada – Newfie Jokes. Some Mainlanders memorized these jokes in the hopes of one day actually meeting a Newfie so they could tell them that Newfie joke.

Other Mainlanders tried to use the jokes in an attempt to insult Newfoundlanders. However, the joke was on them. We can laugh at ourselves and, unknown to most Mainlanders, the Newfie jokes they loved so much were actually written and published in Newfoundland.



Here is our collection of Newfie Jokes. Some are old “classics”. Other are new. Strap yourself down and be prepared to laugh yer arse off, me son.

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Title Author
Bible Salesman UpAlong
Outport Visit to the Mall Bayman
Family Album UpAlong
Dear Diary UpAlong
Lloyd and Bryce Camping UpAlong
The Pastors Ass Father Unknown
Pippy Park Golf Club Tee'ed Off
Ottawa and God UpAlong
Newfie in California Nice Weather Newfie
Newfoundland Firsts History Major
Husband Shopping Center UpAlong
Call to the Church Father Unknown
Confession Father Unknown
SURVIVOR (Canadian Version) UpAlong
Air Newfie II UpAlong
What Would You Say Barry Blagdon
Mother In Law UpAlong
Newfie in Hell Leaf's Fan03
10 Reasons Canada Did Not Join the Iraqi War UpAlong
Newfie Job Interview Barry Blagdon

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