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Newfoundlanders love their humor, and Newfies are very well known as being a joyful breed of people.

Years ago, Mainlanders were all swept up in a funny craze that swept across Canada – Newfie Jokes. Some Mainlanders memorized these jokes in the hopes of one day actually meeting a Newfie so they could tell them that Newfie joke.

Other Mainlanders tried to use the jokes in an attempt to insult Newfoundlanders. However, the joke was on them. We can laugh at ourselves and, unknown to most Mainlanders, the Newfie jokes they loved so much were actually written and published in Newfoundland.



Here is our collection of Newfie Jokes. Some are old “classics”. Other are new. Strap yourself down and be prepared to laugh yer arse off, me son.

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Title Author
Cookies for Wilbur Don R. Wilkins
Red Headed Baby Randolph Greening
Supersex Roderick Brentnall
Fixing the fence at 24 Sussex Don R. Wilkins
Garge died Don R. Wilkins
More than one Don R. Wilkins
911 Don R. Wilkins
Bus Ride Don R. Wilkins
Newfie gets a Loan Radars
Tiger Woods in Newfoundland Terry Sharko
Mating Spiders UpAlong
Late for Work UpAlong
Furniture Dealer Don R. Wilkins
The Light Bulb Don R. Wilkins
The Census Taker Don R. Wilkins
Two Newfies in Home Depot Frank & Cora Douglas
Newfie in space Jamie Strowbridge
Washing Clothes Recipe Roderick Brentnall
The Irish are a Joy to Know Roderick Brentnall
Signal Hill is up for sale Barbara Morgan

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