Goes Back, b'y   Patience Patients

Author: Bonnie Jarvis-Lowe

I was in the process of adapting myself to a new department in a little rural hospital. Of course, for the staff members who had been on the unitfor some time, it was no problem for them to know every patient, their families, and their special circumstances. But for me, it was a struggle trying to familiarize myself with the floor plan, let alone all the faces, names and desires, not to mention the routines, of thirty-three patients.

One early evening stands out in my mind as a ‘watershed moment’. A young lady walked up to me and asked "Nurse, can Dad have something to eat?" My mind raced- "Who is Dad?" In an effort to clarify who ‘Dad’ was I asked where he was. I carefully chose my words and asked "And your father is . . .?"

The little face looked up at me strangely and said softly,"HUNGRY."


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