Goes Back, b'y   The Newfie and the Pearly Gates

Author: Dawn Adams

A Newfoundlander and Shakespear die. They arrive at the pearly gates where, God says,"I only have room for one of you, so what I want you do is go off by yourself and write a poem."

The newfie thinking to himself "I'm up against Shakespear, the greatest poet ever to live, how am I going to beat him."

God says,"An additional rule is that your poem must contain the word Timbucto."

Shakespear comes back a few minutes later and says, "A boy was walking in the sand, with a sparrow in his hand, and from his hand that sparrow flew, his destination Timbucto."

Well the newfie was upset and thought, "Oh no. That was pretty good. What should I do now? I don't have a poem made up yet."

But, neverously, the Newfie gets up anyway, clears his throat, and says,"Me and Tim where homeward bend, we spyed tree women in a tent, so I was one and Tim was two, so I bucked one and Timbucto".


We're not sure who won to this day......


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