Goes Back, b'y   The Light Bulb

Author: Don R. Wilkins

Garge and Bert were at a job site. Garge said to Bert "I bet ya a hundred bucks I can get the day off work."

Bert said, "Yer crazy man let me see ya do it."

So the foreman walks in and there's Garge standin straight up like a fence post.

The foreman says to Garge "What's wrong wit you me son?"

Garge says, "I'm a burnt out light bulb."

"Sumtin wrong wit yer head, take the day off work."

As Garge walked out the door smiling Bert started to walk out behind him.

Foreman says, "Where you think yer goin Bert?"

Bert says, "Well ya don't expect me to work in de dark do ya?"


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