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Because this group does not have an internet presence, I have decided to create a web page in honour of their contributions to the Newfoundland and Labrador music, culture, and heritage.


The Newfoundland musical duel, SIMANI, are a cornerstone in traditional Newfoundland music. Formed in 1977 by Bud Davidge and Sim Savory, their music keeps our unique heritage alive by putting old stories to song and by their recording of local jigs and reels, many that have never before been recorded.

It is rumored the name SIMANI is derived from someone asking Bud who was playing that night at the local Lions Club. Bud replied, "Sim and I". By the time the music began that night, the name was already set.

"Heaven By Sea"

SIMANI is famous for their Salwater Cowboys song, a song about Outward migration, a subject most of this site's visitors are all to familiar with, and the effects that an outside culture has on Newfoundlanders who leave and then return home.

SIMANI is also well know for their Christmas mega-hit "The Mummer's Song". Before Bud and Sim produced this song, the Christmas tradition of Mummering was declining. Since it's release, Mummering has returned to all parts of da Rock.

Nearly all of SIMANI's recorded songs are originals, written by Bud. Sim is a gifted musician, being a master of many instruments, as well as a very talented sound engineer. That Varity of talent worked very well for SIMANI and it shows in the quality of their recordings.

SIMANI gave up touring about a few years ago but are still working toward the advancement of traditional Newfoundland music.

Sim Savory helps aspiring artists with their recording experience at his state of the art recording facility at Belleoram.

Bud Davidge is the owner and operator of a cassette tape and CD-ROM duplication facility at English Harbour West, just eight kilometers away.

Sim and Bud were recognized for their long term contributions to the East Coast music industry by being presented with the Stompin' Tom Award at the East Coast Music Awards that were held in St. John, N.B. January 31- February 3, 2002.

Simani's Products

All products can be ordered from bud.davidge@nf.sympatico.ca.
BOX 77
A0H 1M0
Bud: (709) 888-5151
Sim: (709) 881 6441
Fax: (709) 888-5151

Sim: sim.savory@nf.sympatico.ca
Bud: Bud.Davidge@nf.sympatico.ca

Saltwater Cowboys

Heaven By Sea

Outport People

Christmas Fancy

 Two For the Show

01-Saltwater Cowboys
02-Hibernia Waltz
03-Dartplayers Blues
04-Bartenders Story
05-Over and Over Again
06-You-re Not Older Honey
07-Coombs Cove Jig-Vinces Tune
08-Pious Favourite
09-If You Aint Got Love
10-Tell Me Mister
01-Heaven By Sea
02-Photographs of You
03-Anniversary Waltz
04-Bay Du Nord Medley
05-Ol Recording Star
06-The Loss of the Marion
08-The Cowboy and the General
09-The Huskey Reel
10-The Pauper The Prince and The Princess
01-Outport People
02-My Kind of Heros
03-Rubys Garden-Sidneys Jig
04-I Wanna Live Like a Millionaire
05-A Cramped Song
06-Loss of the Truxton and Pollux
07-Teacher Tom
08-Harolds Jig-Step It Out Molly
09-Ol Cane
10-Theres No Glory In Battle
01-Any Mummers Allowed In
02-Promises to Keep
03-Crooked Stovepipe
04-Santa Just Might Not
05-One Wish
06-Christmas Fancy
07-Little Christmas Dream
08-Minnie White Medley
09-Changing Toys
01-A Breed All His Own
02-I-ll Be True To You
03-Tompkins Jig
04-The Bless of Age
05-Two For The Show
06-Double Daylight Savings Time
07-Beside Myself
08-Larry O-Gaffe
09-Newfoundland Treasures
10-No More Fish on the Table
 Music and Friends

Chapel Walls

SomeThings I Cherish

Home And Native Land

Ooh! Christmas Tree

01-Music and Friends
02-Stack of Barley
03-The Bottle's Almost Empty
04-Walking Downtown
05-Old Man's Accordion
06-Fortune Bay Sons
07-Taking Gear in the Night
08-Allan's Waltz
09-Pay no Mind
10-Reminiscing with Al Jenson
11-Company Tonight
12-Have a Drink Ol' Friend
13-Darling Say You'll Love Me
01-Chapel Walls
02-Take Up Thy Cross
03-Signs of the Times
04-Ol Billy and Joe
05-Sunday Memories
06-See If I Care
07-Childrens Hymn
08-Padre Jim McNare
09-Men Who Go Down To The Sea
10-Will You Love Me When I-m Old
01-Keep Our Spirit Alive
02-Out of my Sight
03-Emiles Jig
04-Some Things I Cherish
05-Whoses Heart Is It
06-The Loveliest Day in June
07-Garden of Eden
08-Bay Boys Jig
09-Love Me Now
10-Watch The Flowers Grow
01-Island of Mine
02-You Know Full Well
03-Corys Jig
04-You-re My Best Friend
05-Look at Her Blow
06-The Rose In Her Hair
07-Nose To The Grindstone
08-In the Bushes with You
09-I-se Da Boy
10-Home and Native Land
01-Ooh Christmas Tree
02-Merry Christmas I Love You
03-Sallys Jig-Cock of the North
04-The Greatest Story
05-Jeannie Johannah
06-Bound for the Time
08-Harveys Christmas Jig
09-New Years Dream
10-No Chimney He Cant Climb


500th Anniversary

Book--The Mummers Song
Accoustic Favourites
01-The Promise
02-Said And Done
03-It Could Be Worse
05-Take That
06-The Ballard Of Mildred Baxter
07-Every Blue Moon
08-Rock Valley Jig-Litter Burnt Potato
09-A Tribute To Don And Al
10-I-ll Send My Love With Roses
01-Ye Cant Have Joe Smallwood
02-If Your Memory Serves Me Right
03-Good Old Wild Old Times
04-She Goes Without Saying
05-Funk Island Bank
06-Sebastian Was A Liar
07-Haven of Mine
08-Jimmys Close In-Trad
09-Stick Your Foot in the Ocean
10-We-ve Been Discovered
In Newfoundland, Christmas is very near when local radio stations begin playing the song "Any Mummers Allowed In?" by a local musical group --- Simani. The song is reminiscent of Christmases long ago in Newfoundland and brings back memories of how Christmas was celebrated by our parents and grandparents. Order the beautifully illustrated Book, Cassette or CD.
Original Newfoundland songs written by Bud Davidge as recorded by Simani.

01-There'll Be No Ho Ho-ing 'Round Here
02-Christmas Eve With You
03-Going to See the King
04-Tib's Eve Jig
05-Christmas Wish
06-Christmas Waltz
07-The Spirit of St. Nicholas
08-Christmas Without Mama
09-Mary The Mother Of Jesus
10-The Child (Poem)
Bud has a solo release "There's More To Christmas", released in 2003.

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