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Because this group does not have an internet presence, I have decided to create a web page in honour of their contributions to the Newfoundland and Labrador music, culture, and heritage.

The Old Krew

Well, Kilkenny Krew has had a great run but all good things must come to an end - Reg departed due to work commitments; Al and Kurt departed and have pursued other interests.

Blaine Lambe is continuing on with the Kilkenny Krew and will be putting together a new show.

Band History

The Kilkenny Krew are a four-piece Celtic-Rock group based in St. John’s, with its members coming from all corners of da Rock. They’ve been entertaining audiences since 1999.

The band began as the “bar band” at Henry’s Haven on George Street. They did not have a name, at first, and so they held a “name the band” contest. The winning name was “The Roving Gypsies”. They used this name for a few weeks before deciding that the second place
name in the contest, “Kilkenny Krew” better suited them.

The first member of the band was Blaine Lambe. He joined Henry's Haven’s headliner, Leigh Brockerville, to assist him as a two-piece duo for a few weekends. When Brockerville decided to take some time off, Al Samms was asked to stand in.

The third member to show up was Reg Edwards, as he joined Blaine and Al to play Bass and provide audio suggestions.

The final member of the group was Kurt Bambury. Kurt was "drafted" to play drums during a St. Patrick's Day gig.

Blaine Lambe, from Lawn, Burin Peninsula:
Lead vocals, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, drums, background vocals. Blaine involves the crowds using his trademark expertise and is the "Frontman in the group. He gets the crowds going wherever we are performing.


Reg Edwards, from Lawn, Burin Peninsula:
Bass, background vocals, soundman, human battery. In addition to the bass, Reg brings his expertise to the band as "sound specialist".

Kurt Bambury, from Pools Cove on the Connaigre Peninsula:
Drums, acoustic guitar, lead vocals, background vocals, booking agent.

Al Samms, from Port-aux-Basques:
Bazouki, accordion, lead guitar, acoustic guitar, lead vocals, background vocals. His primary job is to drive Blaine and Kurt nuts whenever they are singing with interjections at "appropriate" stages of certain songs.


"Boston Burglar"

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