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The Labrador Anthem

Submitted By:Kev Strowbridge

Most of us know that Newfoundland and Labrador has as it’s provincial anthem, “Ode to Newfoundland”, by Sir Cavendish Boyle. Did you know that Labrador has it’s own anthem, one that was written only twenty-five years after “Ode to Newfoundland”?


The Ode Labrador to Labrador

It is customary at public occasions to sing the first and third verses. The lyrics were written by Englishman Dr. Harry L. Paddon, ca. 1927. The tune is traditionally that of O Tannebaum, but several alternatives have been written.

Dear land of mountains, woods and snow,
Labrador our Labrador,
God's noble gift to us below,
Labrador our Labrador,
Thy proud resources waiting still,
Their splendid task will soon fulfill,
Obedient to the maker's will,
Labrador our Labrador.

Thy stately forests soon shall ring,
Labrador our Labrador,
Responsive to the woodsman's sawing,
Labrador our Labrador,
And might floods that long remained,
Their rage fury unrestrained,
Shall serve the purpose God ordained,
Labrador our Labrador.

We love to climb thy mountains steep, Labrador our Labrador,
And paddle on thy waters deep,
Labrador our Labrador,
Our snowshoes scar thy trackless plains,
We seek no city streets or lanes,
We are thy sons while life remains,
Labrador our Labrador.


A bit about Dr. Harry L. Paddon

Dr. Harry Paddon

Leaving Liverpool in June, 1912, on board the SS Tunisian, Dr. Harry Paddon wrote in his memoirs,

"And now, with the doctor's background, I was embarking on a chosen, but still rather nebulous career in Labrador, the least known, perhaps, of the British dependencies, a career that had been determined by a single hour's contact, at the impressionable are of sizteen, with a magnetic personality, Wilfred Grenfell."

Dr. Harry L. Paddon was Grenfell Mission's resident physician in North West River prior toLabrador's entry into Confederation. As the Grenfell Mission's principal physician for over twenty-five years. Dr Paddon travelled extensively throughout Labrador by both dog team and boat. He fashioned a portrait of Labrador society in accord with the traditional rhythms of trapping and fishing, as it was before the onset of industrial development. He also chronicled the demands of northern medicine in response to pervasive threats such as tuberculosis and deficiency diseases, including a moving description of the Spanish Flu epidemic of 1918-19.

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