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"Newfoundland and Labrador" is the name of our province; two distinct cultures grouped into one province. Most people who come from Newfoundland don't give Labrador a second thought, even though it's a part of where we come from.

What events in our history brought the two together? How similar and how different are the two?

This section of UpAlong strives to build on our knowledge of Labrador as we explore the history, culture, places, and people of the region.



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The Labrador Anthem Kev Strowbridge
Markland Kev Strowbridge
Some Labrador Facts Kev Strowbridge
The Pride, As Shown in a Flag Kev Strowbridge
A Brief History of the New Labrador Party (NLP) Kev Strowbridge
Return to Labrador Judy Reid
A Labrador Overview Ed McGraph


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