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You just scared the crap out of 400 passengers - people who didn't plan on spending the night in Newfoundland!
Peter Sarsgaard
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Today on UpAlong - Happy Friday!
  Welcome to the UpAlong Christmas

We love the holidays, and we're passing along our passion for the season to everyone with all of the fun stuff we have crammed into the ole website.

We wish you and yours a Very Merry Christmas, and we remind everyone to please keep our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ, in mind as he is the reason for the season.


  Newfoundland Mummers

In Newfoundland, a Mummer is as much a part of Christmas as Santa Clause. A group of festive men and women, dressed in outlandish costumes, visit homes on foot, knocking loudly on the front door and shouting in a disguised voice, "Any Mummers 'llowed in?".

If they are indeed "'llowed in", then the mummers bring laughter, merriment, and Christmas cheer. Residents have to guess who is behind each clever disguise. Once their identity has been revealed, they break out an accordion or guitar, sing a few songs, dance a jig, and, in keeping with tradition, have a drink of "spirits" before moving on to the next house, leaving a puddle of melted snow in their wake.

The people of Newfoundland love Christmas. On da Rock, it is a time of great joy as husbands and fathers return from their jobs on the Great Lakes and fishing grounds, and sons and daughters return home to be with their families, and possibly bring new family members with them. Reunions are common place in every outport community and inland town throughout the province.

Christmas Day is typically a family event, with gift giving, huge feasts, maybe a card game or two, and a lot of Christmas cheer. But, once the sun sets and Christmas Day turns into Christmas Night, a strange and unusual creature emerges from the darkness; a creature that is very jolly and often times very thirsty.

No, it isn't Santa back for more milk. It's Newfoundland "Jannies", "Johnies", or "Mummers", as most people know them by, and no, they aren't looking for milk either.

Mummer's Origin

Mummering is a tradition that can trace it's roots back to Sixth Century Rome, where there were no organized theatre groups, and the ....


  Simani & Christmas
Simani on Land and Sea

It is hard to think of Christmas in NFLD without remembering the contributations of the musical group, Simani. From "The Mummer's Song" to the Land & Sea traditional showing of "The Mummers", in many ways, Simani has shaped the NFLD Christmas by bringing us back to many of the NFLD traditions that may have otherwise been lost.

The Newfoundland musical duel, SIMANI, are a cornerstone in traditional Newfoundland music. Formed in 1977 by Bud Davidge and Sim Savory, their music keeps our unique heritage alive by putting old stories to song and by their recording of local jigs and reels, many that have never before been recorded.

"Christmas Fancy "

It is rumored the name SIMANI is derived from someone asking Bud who wa ....


  Joey and the Christmas Smile

Written by Newfoundland Author Bonnie Jarvis-Lowe

Christmas Eve had arrived once again, how quickly the years go by we remarked to each other! Once again Christmas Eve found Mr.and Mrs. Santa Claus making their special visits, saying a goodnight to the children of friends and neighbors. Frank and Dolores were good friends of my husband and me, and we had weathered many a storm together, as well as enjoyed many interesting excursions.



  The Meaning of Christmas
Jesus is the Reason

The celebration of Christmas has evolved into something that no longer has any connection to reality. I have no real problem with this because it does changes the mood of the people, re-introduces a measure of altruism into society, and gives some people a sense of purpose, if only temporarily. It stimulates the economy, thereby creating jobs, which is good.

The Christian objection to the modern Christmas is the fear that Christ is being taken out of Christmas and it is more and more becoming a secular
observance. Of course, it is both a secular and a religious observance. It is recognizing and celebrating a Historical event. However, I wish to address the meaning of Christmas from a different perspective.


  Going to Newfoundland for Christmas?
Some people fly to da Rock

UpAlong.org has some tips and tools that might help you get there faster and save you some cash while doing so.

Traveling to Newfoundland can be expensive, especially during peak travel dates, such as the Christmas Season. For a lot of families, the high costs can prevent them from visiting Newfoundland during this fun time.

How much does it cost a person, or family, to travel to Newfoundland? Which method is cheaper, air or sea? What dates are most expensive and busiest, and on which dates can you travel that will save you money?

UpAlong.org has been researching these questions, and what we discovered might amaze you.



  The Christmas Tree
The evidence

By: 'Uncle' Doug Dwyer
Some Truth & Tall Tales

In memory of Neil Doug Dwyer

It was 1956, I was in the air force , stationed in California. It was my first Christmas with out snow and I was feeling kinda low. Some other guys from the north came up with the idea of having a few drinks in town and thats where the story starts.

We all know that a few drinks can get you into some places you would never go when sober. This trip was no different.

After having to many, we thought we would go get a Christmas tree. The only thing wrong with this Idea was that in California there are very few ever greens and also very little land that is not private. However we began our hunt with all of us jammed into an old Ford four door sedan.

After what seems like hours now, we found a perfect tree. It was a blue spruce, perfect in every way. We cut it down and took it back to the base and set it up in the day room. Everyone got into the decorating. It was great.

The next day there was a picture in the paper from town. It was of a short brown stump. Some one had stolen a tree from the front yard of a very important person. The mayor.

That was not the only reason, but It was shortly after that I gave up drinking.


  Test your Christmas Knowledge


  Da Genie, a Newfie, and some other guys

There are three guys walking together, a Newfie, a Quebecer , and a Torontian. They come across a lantern and a genie pops out, "I will give you each one wish, that's three wishes."

So the Newfie says "I am a fisherman, my dad's a fisherman, and his dad was a fishe ....


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