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Back in Newfoundland, we played in the kitchen because it was the biggest and warmest room in the house. Now, it's because its the closest to the fridge.
Alan Doyle
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Today on UpAlong - Happy Saturday!
  Card Game Rules - 120's

Nothing says Newfoundland fun like a good, old-fashioned game of 120’s.

Visit the 120s page for the complete listing.

A Bit of History and Background
It’s a game that spans generations, one that untold numbers of Newfoundlanders have learned at the kitchen table with only a well-worn deck of cards and the patient instruction of a parent or grandparent.

It’s something to do for a laugh — throw in a few dollars, build up a little kitty.

The 120s version of choice there is partners, three sets of two. There’s so many different ways of playing the game: there’s call-for-your-partner, partners — you can even play on your own.

The game involves a dash of skill, a pinch of luck — and a healthy dollop of social interaction. There is a bit of skill involved,- even if you’re lucky enough to get the cards, you’ve still got to know how to play.

The card game many Newfoundlanders know as 120s has many different monikers: among them are Auction and Growl. There is also an abbreviated version of the game called 45s, usually just played by two or three people.

It’s also undeniably a part of the rich fabric of Newfoundland and Labrador life. Many a dining room table is scarred by wedding rings slammed down in the joy or frustration of playing a particularly passionate card.

The game’s roots are thought to trace back to Ireland and Scotland in the mid-16th century, when it was called Maw, then Spoil Five. It is believed to have made its way from there to Newfoundland and parts of Nova Scotia.

This card game evolved in rules and name as it travelled from Scotland and Ireland to Newfoundland and Nova Scotia and ultimatel ....


  Polar Bear Shot in NFLD - Mystery Meat Potluck to be Served at the Legion
A fine, noble, and tasty NFLD animal

A polar bear that wandered into town had to be shot by police. RCMP said that they watched the animal drift into the harbour on the ice yesterday around 5:00 pm. They thought the bear would have continued on north, but it came into the housing area, crossed the road and went up by a garage and lay down.

The decision to shoot the bear was made by wildlife for safety reasons.

An unrelated announcement was made latter in the day that there will be a Mystery Meat Potluck and Time at the Legion this Friday night.


  USA Violates NAFTA by Exporting Snow to NFLD
Wicket or Wha!

Environment Canada is tracking a weak area of low pressure currently near the Gulf of Mexico which will move slowly north-eastward Friday and Saturday night and begin to deepen on Saturday as it nears the Maritimes. Snow is forecasted to develop Saturday evening across western Nova Scotia and will spread north-eastward to reach Cape Breton after midnight.

The weather office says that this is the second snow storm in less than a week which the USA has exported – a direct violation of the NAFTA clause 91.11.12, which states, in part, “Neither country shall send the other any unwanted weather.


  Fun with VOCM

This one was just too good to pass up...


  Listen to NFLD Radio

Listen to the radio from 'back home'!




  The Great Newfoundland Bail Out
From Space - Snow blankets Newfoundland Island

You can't turn on the news these days without hearing about various governments bailing out various sectors and industries. Most news anchors report that this is the result of modern economics gone wrong.

Well, its not. The self-governing Dominion of Newfoundland went bankrupt in 1934.

Britain agreed to rescue Newfoundland's budget, and its nearly worthless bonds, but the price was the island's voluntary abandonment of democratic self-government. The British appointed a Commission of Government to administer the Dominion, led by a colonial governor.

Newfoundland has been sustained by a powerful survival mentality and cultural values that stress individual reliance under harsh conditions. The island regained its democracy and began its long climb out of poverty when it became a province of Canada in 1949.

Bail out - Newfoundland's been there, done that, and bought the T-Shirt.


  Someplace Very Expensive

When I got home last night, my wife demanded that I take her out to some place expensive…...

….. so I took her to a gas station.


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